Future Art Class Planning

This morning is cool and cloudy in San Diego. I sat down to brainstorm new teaching ideas. Pace, the new pup, (newly adopted and 8 years old), joined me and came up with some excellent ideas.

I’ve been planning to continue teaching weekly classes in my home studio. Plus I’ve been wanting to provide drawing and painting lessons for those of you who can’t make it to my house. I think Pace came up with a solution to accomplish both in studio lessons and distance lessons. He wants me to create a curriculum called BARK, which stands for Barbara’s Art Relaxed Klass. I told him and Rick that Yesterday I was happy to hear the students in my Escondido class comment that my class was relaxed.

I am not sure if BARK has the right degree of professionalism an educational institute needs. I was think more along the lines of Watercolor and Drawing School or WADS.

What do you think? Details on my school and lessons coming soon.