Park Your Boat and Go Back to School with Anywhere Art

I've finished sailing to distance watercolor lands and parked my boat as you can see in my illustration below. It's almost September and school is starting.  


I've set up my study area in a quiet cozy corner away from barking beagles and other distractions. My desk belonged to my grandparents. I dusted my new/old desk and put my laptop in place. The laptop fit perfectly in the space, the desk designer was about 100 years forward in his thinking. He must have sensed the computers that were going to be invented someday.  The desk was purchased to house the telephone when it was installed in my grandparents house in New York.


Now its time to get down to work. I plan to be writing, planning art classes and brushing up my French speaking skills in preparation for my Fall workshop in France while seated at my new/old desk. My painting will have to be done on my work table, I can't spill water on my antique desk!

How about you? What are your plans for Fall? 

Roaming About Downtown Edinburgh

My ship direction shifted toward Scotland and I landed in Edinburgh last week. I needed some (art) supplies so I headed downtown. On a small side street I spied an old shoppe selling antiques and went inside. The place was filled with treasures.  I snapped a photo on my eyephone and finished the painting last night. 


When you are an entrapainteur you are always looking for new ways to add quality to your painted products.  

This weekend I finished my 20 minute online course about How Female Entrepainteurs Who Love Beagles Can Improve Their Art Sails. This program (which only exists in my imagination) gave me some fresh ideas.

I learned a lot about adding extra value to the products you sell and exceeding your customers expectations. This new knowledge led me to my garage where I painted the frame of the picture I sold before I delivered it to my buyer.  I happen to think its fun to paint picture frames.  The buyer seemed delighted with the marine turqoise colored frame.

I also learned to consider that where your painting is hanging might effect the painting buyers choice of subject matter.  For instance, people who are shopping in a San Diego market place on their way to the airport might not want to purchase a watercolor of a Scottish antique shop as a memory of their visit to San Diego.  

Another pearl of wisdom I picked up from my online course was if you increase your painting speed you can produce more paintings in less time. So I've been speedily painting wellie garden images.


Setting Sale

My summer saling is really beginning to reap rewards. Two art collectors contacted me and purchased the paintings you see below. You might say my ship came in.  However, I am still out on the high seas of painting, spotted a body of water yesterday and am sailing toward it. You can see my new destination in the photos below.  


The Continued Journey of the Paintbrush

The shore is far away. I've been riding the watercolor waves for days.  I've produced 3 paintings. The 2nd painting almost caused me to fall overboard with anguish because it was not successful.  

However, I shipshaped my attitude and tried again, fearlessly dipping my paintbrush in the turbulent water. I had to constantly remind myself of my motto, "It doesn't matter if you sink or swim, it only matters that you continue painting." 

The painting posted below this text is my 3rd. 


Maiden Voyage?

This is where I landed: a painting with repetitive maidens. One never knows what will happen when you set sail and drop your compass overboard... 


Setting fourth in a New Water(color) Direction

After a good night's rest in a safe harbor I am taking off from Teapot Isle in a new direction. I'm heading to the knoll of Peoples.  You can see my preliminary preparations in the right hand corner photo below.   I am trying out some new equipment which I hope will make my journey smoother. I purchased a Chinese fountain pen and filled it with brown Noodlers ink. It left a few barnacles (splotches) on my painting tat I am going to try to either scrap off or incorporate into my work before I pull up anchor this morning, the mast (my paintbrush) is already raised. 

Please give me some advice and travel tips for this trip. Hurry up please,  I've got to set sail soon. 


The Voyage of the Teacups

An interesting journey took place when the teapots and I left shore.  The sea alternated between rough and calm days ( of painting). We reached shore yesterday. I am not sure what kind of route to take from here. Perhaps a larger watercolor version or maybe an oil version. If the water is calm tomorrow I might  continue my journey or I can always abandon the ship. What do you think I should do?


The Voyage of the Teapots

It's summertime and people are going out and finding adventures, like kayaking raging rivers and hiking up Mount Fujiama.  I am in my studio about to set sail on a painting adventure. I've covered all the important steps for adventuring; I've prepared my maps (value sketches), assembled my supplies (artist tissue, paint box, watercontainer,) bought important equipment for the journey ( Isabey #10 sable brush) and I have extra water just in case.   

I am just about to pull up anchor and set sail. I will email you when I reach land or need a lifeboat. 



Watercolor Sketching and My Inner Art Critic in My Backyard

Grab your sketchbook today and go outside, find somewhere shady to sit and look around for something to paint.  

I painted the sketch posted below around 4pm in my backyard. I sat down under our patio umbrella, laid out my supplies and found a fresh page in my sketchbook. About then, I heard the voice of my inner critic saying to me, "What are you doing? The view is too difficult to paint." 

I spoke back to the inner critic this time ( I'd backed down many times before and I was tired of her nagging and low expectations).  I politely said, "I really don't care what you think, I am going to try and we'll see what happens."

Look what happened. 


New Favorite Art Supply to Brighten Your Life

You might want to try out drawing with this multi color pencil made by Japan Camal CA-7C.  I bought mine yesterday at Artist & Craftsman Supply in San Diego  This pencil caught my eye and said,  "Please take me home." The pencil line surprizes you as you draw with it. You are never quite sure what color your line will morph into. This color changing keeps you alert. You definitely won't fall asleep while operating this pencil.


Behind the Garden Gate,Tuscany

Wandering around in the hilltowns of Tuscany last year with no agenda but to stop and admire the scenery, we saw this gate. I've been wondering about this garden ever since I photographed the gate. 

Who do you think lives in the house boardering the garden? Who takes care of the garden? Do the owners live there full time or is it their vacation home? Was the house and garden passed down from generation to generation? Or did someone outside the family buy it recently because there was no one to inherit it? 

I wonder whether the house is big or small? Are the people who live in the house, tall or short, fat or thin, mean or nice? 

The questions in my head are endless, this watercolor thinking may fill up my entire holiday weekend.

Happy 4th of July to all. 



Father's Day Card

To all the fathers out there, I hope you get the adulation you deserve + beer, tee-shirts, burgers, burritos and more. 


Feel free to print out this card I painted a while ago and hand it out to any father you like. 

Finding the Right Minimalist Travel Packing Solution

I had a really super idea a few months ago about how all of us on my travel painting trips could travel with a minimalist wardrobe and still look good.  My premise was we all bring only one outfit in size, "one size fits all" and we all rotate our outfits daily, giving us at least a week's worth of different outfits if at least 7 women were on the trip. Rick would be exempt from the sharing outfit plan.  

Everyone I mentioned the shared outfit plan to seemed less then thrilled. Eileen commented, "one size fits no one".  

Not one to be deterred I ordered a one size fits all dress from a company that manufactures in China.  The dress arrived a few days ago. It had an interesting scent wafting from it, so I threw it in the washing machine.  The scent disappeared but the texture of the dress assumed something between linen and scratchy grasscloth wallpaper.  

Today I tried on my travel dress. See the results below.  Let me know your thoughts, I promise you won't hurt my feelings. As I like to say, "back to the drawing board". 


Coffee with Tami

I had coffee with my friend, Tami Reid, this morning. She is an artist and teacher here in San Diego. Tami thinks up all kinds of art projects that you can do anywhere. She knows how to paint on wine glasses, wood, canvas, pottery and more. She has a business called Paint It On and she even has a cool polka dot vintage/retro trailer that she uses when she teaches!   

Also, she showed me her Anywhere Art Kit that she's been taking everywhere since she learned about anywhere art from me years ago at the Encinitas Library.


Draw Something Slightly Interesting 3 Day Challenge

Since the draw something boring challenge allowed me to relax and draw without fear, I am instituting another 3 Day Challenge today.  

For the next 2-3 days draw something that slightly interests you, but nothing that fascinates or majorly interests you. 

Got it? 1,2,3, Go. Send me your results and I'll post them here on the blog. 

Drew this in the dark last night sitting next to Ollie, the little rescue beagle who is convalescing with a slipped disc. 

Drew this in the dark last night sitting next to Ollie, the little rescue beagle who is convalescing with a slipped disc.