I try to paint wherever I find myself. Here I am in Venice, Italy.

I try to paint wherever I find myself. Here I am in Venice, Italy.

I've been crazy about art since I got my first set of crayons when I was four. At UCLA I fell in love with painting and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and then went on to get a teaching credential with a specialization in Art Education and Adult Education. I also studied children’s book illustration.

I have taught all ages of students from 2 to 92. After many years of teaching art I  believe anyone can learn to paint and draw if they want to and are willing to tolerate their imperfect attempts and practice their skills. I have seen my students become successful artists. I enjoy helping people discover their creative abilities. In all my classes I strive to create a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

I take a small journal and paint set with me everywhere including restaurants, on the beach when I travel. I’ve taught a workshop called "Journal Painting, Where Ever You Find Yourself" for several years and developed my concept for the ANYWHERE ART STUDIO, which basically is making your supplies portable enough so you can grab them and take them with you without a lot of fuss.

In my spare time, I watch my husband surf, write books, make soup and rescue beagles.

I am always happy to travel to your location and teach.  

Contact me at anywhereart4u@gmail.com