Faber-Castell Art Supplies Are My Favorites!

Look at your stash of art supplies today and see if you have any forest green colored pencils or any watercolor pencils or anything else with the Faber-Castell name or logo written on it. I discovered their Albrecht Durer Watercolor pencils years ago and they are my favorites because they are solid, full of bright color and durable.

My second Faber-Castell product that I purchased in Paris is a pencil sharpener that rides on top of my pencil and allows me to sharpen my pencil anywhere without having to search for a sharpener. I especially love it because it doesn’t take up much space in the little art supply box I carry around almost everywhere I go.

Maybe today or tomorrow I am going to post on my trip page about my next barge trip for Anywhere Artists. We are going to Germany to cruise along the Main River! I’ve never been to Germany but I have always said if I ever get to Germany I want to go to the Faber-Castell headquarters. WELL, I googled their headquarters location and it turns out it is in the town of Stein. Stein is very close to Bamberg one of the first stops on our barge tour. I spoke with the tour company and we can arrange to visit Stein and tour the Factory, Museum and Castle! Can you believe it? Faber-Castell has a castle Here is a link to Faber-Castell !https://www.faber-castell.com/corporate/faber-castell-experience/faber-castell-castle