Tiptoeing Into Life Painting

Did I ever mention I took a portrait drawing class for 3 months, 10 years ago? I learned some useful drawing tips in the class, but the most important thing I learned was that I don't want to paint portraits. By portraits, I mean head and shoulders accurate paintings where you recognize the person immediately. 

What I do like to paint are people in environments, like the work of Vuillard, Bonnard and Monet.  

I have pretty much stayed away from life painting until recently, probably because I  have been having such a good time painting images I've been inspired by in my travels. 

The bug to paint people infected me after seeing an exhibit of Pierre Bonnards work combined with relearning how to paint with watersoluable oil paint. Suddenly I have been jolted by a bolt of something to paint people. 

In order to paint people, I find I need them to sit still. So I've been forced out of the comfortable womb of my studio into life painting classes. 


Below is my first attempt at life painting in watercolor.