Park Your Boat and Go Back to School with Anywhere Art

I've finished sailing to distance watercolor lands and parked my boat as you can see in my illustration below. It's almost September and school is starting.  


I've set up my study area in a quiet cozy corner away from barking beagles and other distractions. My desk belonged to my grandparents. I dusted my new/old desk and put my laptop in place. The laptop fit perfectly in the space, the desk designer was about 100 years forward in his thinking. He must have sensed the computers that were going to be invented someday.  The desk was purchased to house the telephone when it was installed in my grandparents house in New York.


Now its time to get down to work. I plan to be writing, planning art classes and brushing up my French speaking skills in preparation for my Fall workshop in France while seated at my new/old desk. My painting will have to be done on my work table, I can't spill water on my antique desk!

How about you? What are your plans for Fall?