Ask Yourself More Questions to Improve Your Creative Thinking

What do you SEE in the painting below?  Blue doors, old bricks, # 1 above the door? 


Now ask yourself what you don't see in the painting? There isn't a right answer.  You could NOT SEE the old couple that might live behind these doors who shuffle to the market everyday.  Or you might NOT SEE the young man who lives alone in one of the apartments inside the building with the blue door.  He rides his bicycle to and from work but we don't see his bicycle because he parks it inside.  You don't see the Opera singer who lives with the writer behind the blue door either.  

What do you NOT HEAR in the painting? The sound the writer makes when he types away on the old typewriter he prefers to use for his first drafts instead of his computer.  The old couple could be having a discussion about the rising price of coffee but we can't hear that either. The young man who lives in apartment 5 is on the phone speaking animatedly to his mother in Chinese.  We can't hear his conversation even if we like to easedrop. 

What do you feel about the painting? Does the blue door make you feel calm and serene? Or does it remind you of an argument you once had in front of a blue door and bring back a feeling of dispair? 

What questions come to your mind when you look at the painting of the blue door?