What Do Thatched Cottages, Dark Tea, Watercolor Paint and Jane Austen Have in Common?

If you answered they are all novels, you are wrong.  If you answered they are all names of trendy cocktails, you are wrong. If you anwered that they all have to do with visiting England with me, you are correct.  

Next May 14-22 we will hop on a bus outside of the Manchester airport and drive along the coastline and arrive at the coastal village of Conwy in Wales, We will spend time exploring Conwy and its local castle  and learning about the culture of Wales (warning, this may involve visiting a pub or two and of course a local tea shop).

After many 29 or so watercolor painting workshops, we have learned not to rush from here to there. Instead we savor what we see and we relax. In the spirit of slow relaxed travel we will spend 8 days in the village of Slaugther in the heart of the Cotswolds. We will spend relaxed days in the village, walking, painting, and exploring and we will travel to neighboring villages to do more of the same. Our big excursions will be a day in Bath and a day in Oxford where local walking guides will show us around town.

If this trip sounds good to you, email me for more info or to reserve your spot. I only have 3 spots left open. 

If you want to drop a big hint to a generous loved one, to gift you this this workshop, I am happy to prepare a handlettered gift certificate for them to surprise you with on Christmas morning.

coorected date English cottage.jpg