Dreaming of Lunch in Tuscany

I am not complaining about our recent warm summer weather in San Diego. My hair does not have a halo of frizz around it in the summer in San Diego like it did when I lived in the mid-west. However, my thoughts have drifted to Fall in Tuscany.  I see myself seated on a shady terrace looking out at the rolling hills, cypress trees and  all the greens of the countryside. In my dream I am about to eat lunch, (I am always hungry, dream state or normal state).  

Lunch will start with toasted bread drizzled with fresh olive oil, that has just been pressed from the Fall olive harvest.......wait! This isn't a delusional dream, this is a reality dream.  On Oct. 10 I will be in Tuscany teaching a watercolor workshop and I will be eating daily. It will be olive harvest season in Tuscany and I will be able to taste the freshly pressed olive oils.  

I would love to have you join me for lunch and 2 weeks of painting and touring in Tuscany and Umbria, I have only 2 spots open on my trip. Please email me today if you are interested at anywhereart4u@gmail.com