Monet and I Have A Lot in Common

I painted one of the windows in Monets house and he painted his house too!

I am reading yet another book about Claude Monet.  This book says that Monet sometimes felt depressed about a painting he had completed and when he was depressed he got angry.  In fact he got so angry that he went and stayed in a hotel near his house in Giverny. I wonder if he stayed, where I stay when I visit Monet's Garden with my students?  Les Jardins d"Helene? I wonder if he stayed in the blue room? No he probably stayed in the room with the very nice bathtub and big bathroom.  Anyway, I read that when his depression pasted (in a day or two), he came home and everything was fine again for his family. 

Now I am not saying that I move to a hotel when I don't that one of my paintings.  That would be silly. However,  sometimes when I finish a painting I don't like it all that much.  It happens to all of us.  Sometimes it happens because you are trying something new and the results are not perfected yet, and sometimes your eyes get tired of looking at your painting and it looks better the next day. 

Here are some other things I have in common with Monet: I like to paint/he liked to paint, I like lavender walls/he painted the walls in his house light lavender, I would like to have a Japanese bridge over a water lily pond in my backyard and he had a a bridge and a water lily pond. He liked living in France/I really like visiting France, ooh the things we have in common are endless...