How Many Hats Do You Wear?


My father used to say, "You can't dance at too many weddings." Don't you sometimes wonder how much is enough? I do, and have thought that my priorities should be staying healthy, painting, drawing, teaching and spending time with my loved ones. I really don't have time to wash sinkfulls of dishes, vacuum, go to 3 markets, cut up vegetables, provide wise but not bossy wisdom to my 22 year old, put on eye liner perfectly ,  lift weights, get out of my pjs and much more. Do you? Can you share your secrets and methods with me of how you get it all done?

I did manage to put together a new class to teach in acrylic painting and teach two sessions of it this week and a Friday watercolor workshop. Plus I am scheduling some classes on how to paint furniture with chalk paint and some summer journaling classes and working on my online class and recruiting for my Fall trip to Tuscany. Oh and I made a chicken for a  friend who is recovering from surgery.