Anne FrankHouse

Have you read Anne Frank’s Diary ? It’s the story of a young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazi’ for 2 years with her family in the attic of her father’s business. While in hiding she kept a diary which her father published after he came home from the concentration camp. He was the only survivor of his family, as Anne, her sister and mother died in the concentration camps just before the war ended.

We listened to a short presentation before we toured the attic rooms. It explained about Hitler’s rise to power and how he placed restrictions on the Jews of Amsterdam so they were not allowed places, could only shop in certain stores, could not go to public places and were not even allowed to sit in in their backyards. Then we toured the attic rooms which were emptied by the Nazi’s after they took the Franks away on the last train to the camps. I had’’t known that they might have survived if they had stayed in hiding a little longer. I also learned more about the dedication and risks their friends took to hid them. I am so glad we were able to visit her home and see the reality of her life.