August Drawing Practice For You

This summer I have been having a lot of fun with the classes I have been teaching at Miracosta College. I may have mentioned that I put together a new class topic, which I call “Mindful, Observational Watercolor Sketching”. Oh wow! You could call it call it MOWS!

What is MOWS all about you ask? It is a combination of drawing techniques that help you focus closely on what you are seeing and drawing + some cognitive therapy techniques to stop you from criticizing your drawing which interrupts your drawing process and takes you out of the present, mindful mood you slip into when you are observing closely and drawing.

I have prepared a worksheet for you which I hope you can print out and use at home. Below is a daily calendar for August. Do you think you might want to look at something once a day and sketch it in its corresponding date box? I’ve started with some examples in the July boxes so you can see the drawings don’t have to be complex or perfect, just draw the lines you see and throw in some shading if you are in the mood.

Aug. Calendar for Drawing.jpeg