What the Heck is a Mindful Art Class?

This Sunday, June 2, I will be teaching my first Mindful Art Class at Artist & Craftsman Supply in Hillcrest in San Diego. There are still 4 spaces left open in this workshop and you can register by emailing me at anywhereart4u@gmail.com The fee is $35.00.


What is Mindful Art, you ask? Is it some hippie dippy touchy feely class? Has Barbara gone over the deep end into new age practices? You might even wonder did the new beagle push her into this? 

Mindful art making is learning to observe and sketch, paint and draw what you see around you in your  environment. It’s goal is NOT to produce a finished painting to hang in the Louvre but to help you see what is in your world at the present moment. 

Have you ever attended an art class where the hours flew by? While you painted and drew you may have not noticed time passing? That phenomenon comes from using the right side of your brain. Betty Edwards developed this concept in her book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. 

In my workshop you will learn and practice drawing methods that help you move into this right brain state. But learning to access and use your right brain is only a little part of my class.  I’ll teach you observational drawing and note taking skills that will open the door for you to be more in touch with the environment around you. You’ll learn how to wake up your senses, get out of your to-do list mind spinning cycle and hopefully relax, notice, appreciate and enjoy the world around you

My objective in teaching this class is to equip you with a method that will help you get out of your head and have your mind full with the wonders of the world around you.

I will be teaching a 5 session version of this class at Miracosta college beginning July 6th. from 1-4pm. You can register for this class by calling MiraCosta College Community Education at 760.795.6820