The Beagle Situation

Alert: this post has nothing to do with watercolor or travel painting, but it is about me.

You may have seen a beagle or two in my artwork from time to time. We lost our elder beagle, Socks last May. Just recently the little beagle I rescued from laboratory testing (after she was released), passed away from cancer at age 13.  I was bereft! Ollie was my pal, spiritual advisor and muse. 


My search began for a pup to fill the big hle in my heart created by Ollie’s passing. I perused every animal rescue site I could find. When I couldn't find a dog that looked like a good fit for our family, I widened my search to sites in other states. 

Slowly I figured out what to look for in another companion pet. Not too big so it would pull me over when we walked and not too small either. I knew deep in my heart I needed another soulful hound with floppy ears. I’ve traced this hound fascination back to my earliest childhood memories. I think I was raised in the wild by a pack of beagles, then brought to civilization  at age 6 months and dropped on the doorstep of my human family. 

After settling my search on a hound, I studied the websites for Beagles and Buddies as well as Nor Cal Beagle rescue and Southern California Basset Hound Rescue.  

On a recent rainy night, a lightening bolt struck me and I googled Craigslist Beagles. Magically on my screen a listing appeared listing an 8 year old beagle free to a good home. I replied immediately and within minutes the listing disappeared. 

After numerous emails a small beagle wearing a bandana appeared on my doorstep. He came in sniffed everywhere and set down his suitcase. He was supposed to stay for an hour but he is still here, 6 days later. We all adore him. He hasn’t filled Ollie’s shoes ( no one can) he fills his own shoes and the hole in my heart is closing. 



Pace, our newly adopted beagle.