New Idea To Get More Painting Done

Have you ever found yourself in the situation when you were having guests for dinner on the weekend and your house was messy, there was no food in the refrigerator, and you wanted to paint?

This is exactly where I found myself last Wednesday and I really wanted to paint. My organized husband was writing out little strips of paper with lists on them for himself and I was getting nervous. I realized even though my husband is a really nice guy, I couldn’t dump all of the prep and cleaning work in his lap. So I came up with a new method to get everything done at a decent level. I think I am calling this method the “Parallel Painting Prep” method, but I am open to any ideas from you for what to call it.

This is how it works, first you do a little painting, then you do a little cleaning, then you do a little cooking, then you do a little more painting and then you go food shopping. I am so proud of myself because I even timed how long it would take me to get to 2 different markets and realized I needed to shop at the closer market. I know you are thinking, “Big deal! Everyone knows when you’re in a hurry not to waste time driving 28 minutes away when you can drive only 13 minutes to a closer market you like almost as well.” Not me, this time measuring grey matter is a new part of my brain that only grew in my brain recently. I have always been a late bloomer.

This parallel prep method worked! The food was ready on time, the house looked clean and I got painting done and best of all I was not frustrated because I had left my painting until last and been tired and cranky when I got to it. So, are you inspired? Are you going to try this at home?

With Parallel Painting & Prep I bet you’ll get more painting done! Just do it.

With Parallel Painting & Prep I bet you’ll get more painting done! Just do it.