Muses & a Watercolor Recipe 4 U

I woke up this morning determined to follow my muse where ever it takes me. In the kitchen I saw some extremely ripe bananas. My instincts told me to make banana bread. Are my instincts the same as my muse? Is my muse, my instincts? Readers of this blog, please give me your opinion.

If there is such a thing as a muse, where do you get one? You know I am all about trying to find solutions to your problem of discovering ways to paint often. Maybe you can get a muse. Or maybe even better, I can sell muses from my website. I am going to work on this.

Anyway, after I had made 2 loaves of banana bread (which is quite easy to make and low fat, I think), I was again directed by my muse, I think…. She/he/it pushed me into my studio where I picked up my pencil, pen and brush and made you an illustrated recipe.

Banana Bread recipe.jpeg