Missing Pencil Draws Alarm


Last week I found a pencil somewhere in my studio that enabled me to create lovely pictures.  The drawings seemed to flow out of this pencil onto the paper. I called this pencil, “the magic pencil”.  

The magic pencil disappeared last Sunday at midnight. I looked everywhere for it but it was gone. Could it have been placed in my studio by a faerie I accidently brought home from Ireland or Scotland)?* Perhaps the faerie revoked the pencil or its time limit expired? Maybe my pencil was stolen by a highway bandit or rival artist? The possibilities were endless. I continued searching for my pencil everywhere. I even hired a search beagle who couldn’t find the scent of it anywhere.


Last night I had a dream that told me to order more of these magic pencils. I remembered my beloved pencil was red and white striped and made by Stabilo.  

This morning I decided to go on one last pencil search.  In the box at the top of this post starting with top left this is what happened. I took everything out of the black hole of my traveling art supply bag, and the pencil was not there.  I searched in all the little zippered art bags I have stashed around my house and I found my missing lipstick and some Pepto tablets but no pencil. I was ready to give up the search when I remembered one more bag I’d recently stuffed with supplies and left in the kitchen in case inspiration struck me while cooking or eating. 

I dumped out the contents of the bag and caught my breath! My pencil slide out of the bag. We are now reunited and going to draw again together after I finish writing this post. I am also going to order more magic pencils if Stabilo still makes Opera 2 1/2HB. 

*In lreland and Scotland I asked around about how to find faeries and  I was told you had to drink a certain quantity of Whiskey.