How to Not Do Any Artwork or A Guide to Procrastination

Lest you think I am perfect, (lol, just ask any family member), I must let you know that I sometimes avoid doing artwork. Why? I don't know. I could give you some deep psychological reasons, but I won't and let's just chalk it up to" sometimes I just don't feel like it" mixed with a bit of immaturity. 

Take today for example, I spent time straightening the kitchen and then had a burning desire to sweep my office floor. After the office, I just had to sweep the dining room and the laundry room.  "Stop!" I yelled at myself, "Go to your office and paint!" Don't touch anything else, don't do anything else, just paint." So I went into my office and saw a package I needed to return to Amazon. Suddenly, I had this burning desire to return that box immediately.  What's with this procrastination? 

Pro crastination? What does it mean? It must mean its a good thing because it starts with pro.  Crast? I could maybe understand if it was pro crash ination, it would mean in favor of a crash of some kind, but that doesn't make any sense. 

Merriam-Webster defines procrastinate as "to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc.  Well, I am insulted by Merriam W.  I don't think I am lazy..................So I need to make up my own definition.  I think my procrastination is much more complicated then simple laziness. It's situational procrastination due to possible painting issues.  I wonder if there is a drug to treat this problem? 

Finally I sat down and did some pencil sketches for a painting using red and green paint since I’d been teaching color theory in my Thursday class and red was our color for the session. 

This morphed into a Valentine’ theme painting with images combined from different reference material so the perspective is a bit wonky. The background was done with doillies used as stencils. The result is one I either love or hate or something in between. The goal I have with my paintings these days is to see them as practice not to create madterpieces. This helps me to feel freer to experiment and try different new thing without fear of making a mistake.  

Best of all, my husband said he really liked the painting so I will use the painting to make him a card for Valentines Day.