New Device to Help You Get More Watercolor Painting Done

This morning I activated my new art making device. It’s called an Anywhere Art Bit.  I wear it on my wrist and it buzzes when I haven’t done any painting in a while.  

After wearing the Anywhere Art Bit for less then a hour it buzzed and vibrated on my wrist.  

It sent me a message! 


After reading the message I got out my paints and painted the painting you see below.


This Anywhere Art Bit is really good. I haven’t painted with such enthusiasm in years! 

I haven’t finished completing all the set ups on my new device so I’m not sure exactly if it measures my painting time or my brush strokes and what else it will measure and remind me about.

I’ll let you know soon what else my Anywhere Art Bit can do.  Do you think one of these gagets would help motivate you to get more artwork done?