Moonlite English Cottage

This version of the cottage painting is the one I originally set out to do a few days ago that accidentally became colorful instead of moonlite. 

I am rereading The Confident Creative by Cat Bennett. This book has a lot of ideas about how to merge drawing, painting and creativity, plus remove your roadblocks to making art. On page 56 under the heading of Experiment she writes about some ideas that may apply to you and me. Basically, she suggests we need to explore and experiment and not do things only one way. She says there’s always discomfort when we do the unfamiliar, but do your artwork anyway. She even suggests that if you think of new ways to be more creative and try them, that it will change everything......

Maybe, this is what got me over my hump of trying to paint the creativity cottage in the moonlight. Any thoughts from you? Do you think I should cheerlead for you to try new ways of painting and drawing? 

I once tried out for cheerleader in junior high school but didn’t get the job because I was always out of step or in the library when I should have been at practice.