Paint Your Own Cottage

Imagine you and I sitting in front of a charming cottage getting ready to paint.  We have just finished a lunch or tea and are comfortably full with dark tea, sandwiches and perhaps a slice of cake.  

We open a our paint boxes, pick up our pencils and sketch a few lines. I lean over your shoulder to see your sketch and offer a supportive comment and a tidbit of advice. You dip your brush into your paint and begin to record your version of the cottage in front of you.  

We sit companionably for close to an hour and then, close our painting journals, pack up our minimal supplies (because we always travel lite), and head off to explore the village. We may visit the local community garden or sip something in the local pub, tour the village museum or browse in the antique shops. Whatever we do, we have a very good time and return to our b&b in time for cocktail/snack hour, painting discussions or maybe take a nap before dinner.  

We have a very good day and will repeat another good relaxing day tomorrow with nothing to worry about except what color scarf to buy. 

If you like this senario and you enjoy traveling, England and a little watercolor painting then please come along on my Anywhere Art England Tour May 14-22. I have only  2 spots left open. Email me to sign up or for more info at