When you are an entrapainteur you are always looking for new ways to add quality to your painted products.  

This weekend I finished my 20 minute online course about How Female Entrepainteurs Who Love Beagles Can Improve Their Art Sails. This program (which only exists in my imagination) gave me some fresh ideas.

I learned a lot about adding extra value to the products you sell and exceeding your customers expectations. This new knowledge led me to my garage where I painted the frame of the picture I sold before I delivered it to my buyer.  I happen to think its fun to paint picture frames.  The buyer seemed delighted with the marine turqoise colored frame.

I also learned to consider that where your painting is hanging might effect the painting buyers choice of subject matter.  For instance, people who are shopping in a San Diego market place on their way to the airport might not want to purchase a watercolor of a Scottish antique shop as a memory of their visit to San Diego.  

Another pearl of wisdom I picked up from my online course was if you increase your painting speed you can produce more paintings in less time. So I've been speedily painting wellie garden images.