Finding the Right Minimalist Travel Packing Solution

I had a really super idea a few months ago about how all of us on my travel painting trips could travel with a minimalist wardrobe and still look good.  My premise was we all bring only one outfit in size, "one size fits all" and we all rotate our outfits daily, giving us at least a week's worth of different outfits if at least 7 women were on the trip. Rick would be exempt from the sharing outfit plan.  

Everyone I mentioned the shared outfit plan to seemed less then thrilled. Eileen commented, "one size fits no one".  

Not one to be deterred I ordered a one size fits all dress from a company that manufactures in China.  The dress arrived a few days ago. It had an interesting scent wafting from it, so I threw it in the washing machine.  The scent disappeared but the texture of the dress assumed something between linen and scratchy grasscloth wallpaper.  

Today I tried on my travel dress. See the results below.  Let me know your thoughts, I promise you won't hurt my feelings. As I like to say, "back to the drawing board".