Do More Artwork Stratagies

I've been thinking of more strategies for you to try out and see if they help you do more painting and drawing. I need you to read them over and tell me what you think. 

1.  Would a list of weekly painting topics help you? Maybe one topic per week for 4 or 6 weeks? You can use it as a guide if you can't think of what to paint.

2. What if I developed a strict teacher attitude that would motivate you to rush to do your artwork because you don't want me to give you a bad grade or call your mother, spouse, significant other or get called into the principal's office?

3. What if you could get rewarded with candy, a gold star or? If you finished a painting assignment? 

4. What if I wrote notes for you to excuse you from some activity so you could not attend and use that time to paint instead? 

I am still thinking up more motivational ideas for you, what do you think so far? 



I tried to paint the creative cottage in the moonlight, inspired by tonight’s full moon.