Do You Want to Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills?

Have you said to yourself many times, "I wish I could be more creative?" You might want to  be able to think up more ideas, solutions and questions. You could desire to think out of the box.  You want to develop a creative hobby. You may think that the amount of creativity cells in your body is finite and predetermined and you wrongly think you have to accept that you are not creative.  

You can learn to be more creative. Creative thinking is not a  limited resource.It is not only limited to certain individuals that have a large right side of their brain.  It is a way of thinking, and the good news is, creative thinking can be taught!

Who can teach you to think more creatively? Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Wonder Woman or the Tooth Fairy? (this previous sentence was a creative thinking teaser, its called brain storming.)  None of the above.  Just me.  I have been studying and practicing creative thinking for years. At first, my studies in creative thinking for just for myself. I became fascinated with the topic. I read everything there was at the time on the topic. Then unofficially, I started to teach a few creative thinking skills to my students. Guess what happened? They told me their thinking changed and they were thinking more creatively.  

I've decided that I want to do a creative thinking make-over on a willing volunteer.  Hopefully that volunteer will come from one of the readers of my blog.  Is there anyone out there in blog reader land that thinks they are not creative, but would be willing to try to learn and practice improving their creative thinking powers with me?  

English Cottage wc edited.jpg

Welcome to my creativity cottage.  Email me if you want to be considered for a creativity make over by me.  I will be waiting by my computer for your email.