Sneaky Sketching Reduces Stress

Yesterday I sketched this while waiting in line at CVS to pick up a prescription they had messed up twice. My stress level zoomed up when I saw the length of the pick up line.   

As I waited I fished out pencil and paper and sketched the wallpaper line drawings. I didn't notice the wait in line once I started drawing and my stress level dropped. I think according to Betty Edwards author of Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain, that you lose track of time when you draw.  This is because when you draw the brain uses the right side which doesn't register time. The left side of our brains is the logical time keeper.  

I had a few minutes later in the day so I recorded an idea I thought of for a purse that would fit my sketchbook and pens and pencils. I decided it would have a label like saying it would be made by Nobody.