Portable Painting Box

What would you do if you were staying in a nice hotel and they said it was okay for you to paint in their dining room but their tables were covered with white linen tablecloths? 

A. Set up you painting supplies on top of the table cloth and push the table setting off to the side. 

B. Take everything off the table and place it on the floor so you could not worry about getting the tablecloth dirty.

C. Sit with your pochade box on your lap and paint happily in your travel journal.

The correct answer is: C.

Are you wondering what a pochade box is? It is a box usually made to attach to an easel that holds your painting necessities, is a portable size and allows you to paint anywhere. Pochade is a word derives from the French word "pocher" meaning to sketch.  

At first I was going to call my portable painting box a portable painting box, then I decided lap easel was a more descriptive name. However any name with lap in it might be misconstrued, so I am using the interim term "Pochade box" until I come up with a better name. Have you got any ideas for me?