Assembling TravelArt Supplies

The sketchbook is 5"x7" and it's light weight. Eileen helped me to do a copic binding so the pages I cut from Arches 140 lb. watercolor paper shouldn't fall out. I made a faux library book pocket to make the book look official but really the book is not overdue. The pocket will hold things I find during this trip, like business cards and candy wrappers.  

I noticed on the last trip that a bag with a strap long enough to go crossbody left my hands free for sketching more easily, so I acquired the black and white bag for this trip.  

When I took a class on sketchbooking from Susan Abbott she said having a bag you could reach into easily was one of the keys to sketching frequently on a trip. I think my new bag with elephants painted on it will do the job and be a as chic as a Hermes bag.

Now I just have to pack the dog, iron my hair and adjust the propellers on my paintbrush and I am good to go.