Why Everyone Can Draw

This concept about drawing came clear to me this morning when I was at the beach walking while my husband surfed. I've been ruminating about the many purposes of drawing and painting for quite a while. 

We know that most children draw freely at an early age, right? I learned in my art education courses that most children draw symbols of things like houses and smoking chimmneys until they reach adolescence. Around 12 years kids desire their drawings to look realistic. At this point they can either take some art lessons to learn to draw realistically from what they see or they quit drawing.

Flash forward to sometime in adulthood when you feel the urge to draw. How do you respond to this urge?  A. You sign up for a drawing class b. You lay down and say " I can't draw, so I will stream Netflix instead. C. You get out your pencils and buy a sketchbook, order a set of 24 colored pencils on Amazon and store them in your art supply cupboard. D. All of the above E. None of the above

If you are still reading this , my point is you have the rudimentary drawing prerequisites at any age and can develop these skills if you have the desire and I think a strong passion for what you want to draw. In my recent posts, I have been motivated to draw Socks, the elder beagle to record him and his character.

Think about WHAT subject you might want to draw that would provide you with a strong motivation to brave the perils of learning to draw. Let me know if you come up with a subject and I will help you.