Bargain Shipping at

Here's my shopping list that took me two hours of study to complete. I always try to take advantage of $1 shipping on small shipments. It's a good time to get good prices on art supplies without having to pay a big shipping fee. 

When I started writing my list of paint colors to order, I threw a ton of colors in my basket that I either needed, really needed, thought I needed or wanted to try because someone else used that color.  When I saw the total of all those paints, the free shipping was no longer a bargain. So I had to whittle down my list. The list contains colors I actually use and am out of or nearly out of.  No flamboyant colors I might use only once or just brag about to my friends.  

The letters after the colors are for the paint companies. DS is Daniel Smith, H is Holbein and WN is Winsor Newton.