Speaking of Travel Journaling and Packing for Your Next Trip

Tomorrow I am speaking to members of the San Dieguito Art Guild about finding time to watercolor journal and how to pack your art  supplies.  This is a subject very dear to my travel painting artist's heart. I can chatter on endlessly about water brushes, sketchbook sizes, paper quality, packing cubes and the importance of purchasing expensive travel underwear that dries in 2 hours or less. 

 I must confess that I actually study the dimensions of suitcases and overhead bins. I know the best pencil sharpener to take on a trek up to a mountain top.  I know the smallest paint set you can  toss into your tiny travel bag to take to Tasmania. I have no less then 24 bags to choose from to take along on my next trip. 

I am sure they will find me fascinating. If not, I hope the refreshments are good.