How to Find the Time to Paint in You Daze

Lately I have been finding the time to paint more. People have actually been asking me how I am able to accomplish this. 

I don't want to be like a certain dear relative of mine who only quit smoking in her old age when her hands could no longer grip the cigarette but then lectured to others on how they should quit smoking.

Part of the reason I am getting more painting done is fear and belief in my work. I am working on a commissioned project that has a deadline. I am fearful about meeting my my deadline on time. This fear is motivating me to find the time to paint. 

The fact that I have been comissioned to create this artwork gives me credibility and a bit of confidence. This new confidence motivates me to paint more, it makes me feel like painting is a legit way to spend ones time and not a leisure time pursuit I am obsessed with. 

So here are some strategies I have found to work for me to create more painting time: 

1. Say no nicely to nice friends who want to spend time with you. Reschedule friend activities to other less hectic days in your schedule. You cant work all the time, so you do need to have some time to see your friends. 

2. Make a list of your priorities with painting near the top of your list. You have to follow this list and not blow off painting. 

3. Pretend you have a deadline, high priority and confidence tto complete a sketch/painting of the flowers below. Then send your work to me and I will post it on this blog and send you more confidence and a green star.