How to draw like a Cave Person

I was very inspired by the Cromagnon cave paintings I saw in France when we toured the caves in the Dordogne region of France during our workshop. 

Cromagnon inspired sketches found in San Diego cave. 

Cromagnon inspired sketches found in San Diego cave. 

We toured the museums of Lascaux and Pech Merle and saw artifacts and exhibits that taught us some facts and theories about cave art. 

We learned that early men and women created their own tools from the materials in their environment. We saw reindeer bones sharpened to be used as weapons and engraving tools. 

We learned that no one knows the exact reasons for the paintings on the cave walls. Scholars believe the images may have been drawn to increase the numbers and varieties of animals they hunted for.  Some believe the drawings were done for religious purposes or  to increase fertility. 

This morning I decided to draw like a cave women. I looked around for tools to shape out if what I found in my environment. I found a drawer of chalk and a pen to use on my kitchen counter. I found a pad of mixed media paper on our kitchen table. 

I needed animal subjects to paint. I found two beagles in the family room. I used a blind contour drawing technique for my sketches and added chalk lines for color and shading. The beagles shifted positions constantly while I drew them, hence the multiple sketchy lines.