How to Avoid Post Trip Depression and Jet Lag

Returning home from a great trip involves a lot of mental juxtaposing. On one hand you are glad to see your family and relax in your familiar surroundings. On the other hand you miss the excitement and alertness of experiencing a different culture and having daily new sights, tastes and sensory alertness.  

My solution is to relax. I try to talk about my new travel insghts and show my photos only to those who are truely interested. 

The fatigue from jet lag usually protects you from reality for at least a day or two.  

If you find you miss the incredible French food you ate 3 meals a day while on vacation, do not imediately get out Julia Child's cookbook and try to cook something French. I can tell you from experience this doesn't work. Instead if you can, eat your favorite foods that are found near or in  your home, like maybe sushi and whole wheat toast.

Do not bore your friends with your new interest in Cro Magnon man, quietly go about resarching the topic by yourself. By all means organize your art supplies, start a new painting and wear the new shoes you bought in France. If anyone asks you why you didnt submit something last week, it is permissible to say, "I'm sorry I could'nt submit that form, I was in France."

Let me know if you have discovered any more efficient ways to cope with jet lag.