Mixed Media=canvas+paint+old book pages

Who knew mixed media could be so much fun to do? Probably almost everyone but me. I love old books, don't you? I have tried painting in old books but I hear the librarian shouting in my ear, "we do not write in books!  I am going to call your mother."

Draw first, paint, add neo crayon details. 

Draw first, paint, add neo crayon details. 

When I pasted the old book pages onto a canvas using Modpodge for glue and got out my brushes and paint, the librarian stopped shouting. 

I've painted on these canvas+pages with acrylic paint, gouache, watercolor and neo color crayon. Acrylic paint comes out the brightest and thickest, but the other paints do work too.  

Drawing with Caran d'Ache Neo Crayons on the pages works really well especially for the fine details.  

The best thing of all about this project was when I taught it this past Sat. at the community college, everyone enjoyed the process and made something unique to them. 

Definitely try this at home!