Creating Holiday Gifts From Recycled And Repurposed Things in Your House

Do you need some gift ideas? Look around your house for supplies first.  

To make these mini painting sets:

I used some Altoid's tins, sprayed them with white flat spray paint, cut a panel of squares from a flourescent light panel and added a slice of sponge. Then I laminated my logo on card stock, glued it to the tin top and squirted in quality paint. *If you use very cheap watercolor paint, when it dries it cracks and falls out.

For the mini sketchbooks I cut up the odd sizes of Arches watercolor paper I had in the house and bound them with a comb binder.  

I'm bringing these gifts to a sale this Sunday at a wonderful new art school, ART LOUNGE ON THE 101 in Encinitas. I am going to continue teaching classes there in January.

If you're in Encinitas this Sunday, stop by from 12-4 and say hi.  


While I am working on my diy gifts and 27 other projects my workspace has gotten quite messy. Do you have a messy work space? If so, let me know, I need to tell my husband that I am not the only messy artist.