Thinking Up Some New Teaching Ideas

I pride myself on being forward thinking about my career. I try to anticipate changes in the field of art teaching and travel art journaling before they become the norm.  It has occurred to me lately that its time for some new teaching ideas. 

I have been studying trends in art teaching both domestically and internationally.  Trending right now in California and perhaps the rest of the U.S. is "paint nights" in wine bars. I believe this trend has merit, but since most of my classes are taught in the mornings or early afternoon drinking wine and painting probably isn't the best new idea for me to absorb. Besides, my students told me if they came to my home studio and had wine in the morning, they would need to take a nap before driving home.  I'm pretty sure we don't  have enough space for a nap room filled with sleeping art students. 

Another trending idea that has come to my attention is  coloring books for adults.  There was an article in the Parade magazine which said they were very  popular and theraputic.   I have been fortunate enough to publish some drawings in a few coloring books but I don't think you need  a teacher to advise coloring students. Besides, I would tell everyone to color outside the lines and use non local colors. 

I have thought about changing careers,  but I am too old to retrain to be a veterinarian, an astronaut or an architect and besides, I really like teaching art. I like my students, I like seeing people develop new hobbies and passions like painting and drawing and I like helping people to explore some of the most artistic spots in Europe and journal about it.  So, my only choice is to re-invent myself.  A new image, something flashier and more arty perhaps.  If I looked flashier I am sure I could teach more flashier art subjects.  I tried out some new looks this evening with some accessories I borrowed from my daughter.  I don't think this is quite what I am going for.  If you check out the photos below you can see for yourself.  


Until I find my new image I will just have to continue teaching watercolor with pen and ink, travel journaling, how to paint and draw without anxiety ecectera, ecectura and try to help my students enjoying painting their worlds.

However, if you have any ideas of what kinds of classes people would like, please send them to me asap because I am too shy to go out of the house dressed in a pink wig.