Packing Tips for Artists

 I must share with you how I pack to return home from a painting trip. I have to let you know that mid trip, I did ship some things home from the post office in Provence.  Otherwise I never would have made it home with one 22" suitcase and a carry on bag. 

First, I spread everything out I need to pack and look at it with a feeling of horror. Then I get to work sorting everything into to categories and piles.  When I got to this point, I decided I needed expert help, so I called in my assistant and world traveler,  Eileen Condon.


The picture below shows Eileen's reaction to my packing situation. It wasn't good. I begged for a tidbit of advice. Finally, Eileen came up with some very good ideas I hadn't thought about.  She suggested I take one of my Eagle Creek packing bags that you roll the air out of, and use if for my dirty clothing.  That was a big help.  She also gave me permission to donate some of my heavier scarves etc. to the charity bag in order to make room in my suitcase.  

We put together a bag for charity of all of our clothing and Sandrine, the wonderful owner of Les Jardins D'Helene said she would get it to a charity shop.


So, this packing story has a happy ending. I was able to fit everything in my suitcases and everything made it home in one piece.