How to Find Time to Practice Your Drawing and Painting

It has come to my attention that many aspiring artists do not have enough time in their days to practice their drawing and painting due to their other obligations.  Can you imagine that there could be a more important way to spend one's time other then drawing and painting?

Apparently, some people (including myself) have mysterious people in their lives that expect them to prepare meals, clean house and probably do other things like buy their dog food and drive them to their doctor's appointments. This is an outrageous situation.  How can our artwork improve if our lives are filled to the brim with useful, responsible activities?

I have an idea on how to solve our time crunch. Please print out the pass I have provided below and present to anyone requiring you to do something that cuts into your drawing and painting time.  Let me know how this works for you.  If it does not, I will come up with something else.