On the Way Home to Dogs, Dust and household Duties via Amsterdam

We have a 4 hour layover in Amsterdam and found a quiet spot in the airport to sit.  In a few minutes I am going to reflect on my new insights gained from our time in Italy.

Please don't expect me to actually follow through on most of these insights, I rarely do.  Of course I have decided I will learn to meditate so my brain will be pristine and rid of crital thoughts about my artwork.  I must go to the Y and attend Yoga, ballet, weight lifting and flower arranging classes 6 x a week or more. I am going to redecorate my office so it looks like a replica of the Tuscan artist/wine maker's studio that we visited in the Chianti  region. I am going to paint several large paintings based on the photos I took of the Italian landscape.  I am going to learn to bake focaccia bread with my friend, Nancy Holtz and I am going to mak sure I paint everyday and find somewhere to display my work. Also I would like to be a nicer,wiser, more charitable person and go to museums often. 

Check in with me in a few months to see what I have accomplished, I have heard that following thru on one's goals requires accountability.  Have you a secret method of following through on your goals? Would you please share it with me?