Drawing & Painting Daybook Assignment 2

After you have found the basic shapes it your drawing subject, the next you have to do is make sure your drawing looks like it has correct proportions.  

Proportion is making sure the head is not to small for the body or the legs too long or the tree you are drawing may have too small a trunk. Basically if your drawing doesn't look quite right you need to measure it to make sure all the parts are the right sizes.  


I found a hippo in my studio willing to pose for me for a reasonable fee. 


You need to decide on what you want part of the hippo you want to use as a "unit of measurement". I decided to use the length of the hippo head from is the front to the back of his cheek. I measured this by holding up my pencil and measuring the length of the head and marking the length with my finger on the pencil. Then I used this length to find how many heads long the hippo is. Then I drew a head on my paper and marked the length on a piece of paper and so on. 


Then I used my pencil and measured to find out how many heads tall the hippo is. Then I sketched out the rest of the hippo in pencil on top of my measuring marks. He/she looked ok. Your subject doesn't have to be perfectly measured unless you are going to build it and send it into space.

Here is your assignment #2. Email me if you have any questions at anywhereart4u.@gmail.com