Drawing and Painting Day Book

I listened to you when you said you wanted to learn to paint and draw better.

You said you like drawing and painting, but can't seem to fit it in to your busy life. 

I had some ideas about how to help you do more artwork.   I thought making small portable art studios out of recycled mint tins would allow you to paint & draw whenever you found some spare moments. Then I thought if I taught some classes so you could learn more drawing and painting skills that might help you draw and paint more often.  These ideas didn't work for most of you. 

I have another idea that has been percolating in my head for a while, swirling around trying to fit all the concepts together into a concrete method you could try.  It took a while to fully form but this morning it jelled and popped out of my mind like a 1950's jello mold dessert. 

 You will need to buy a sketchbook similar to the one pictured here. I bought 2 of these this morning on sale at Aaron Brothers. 



You need to get a sketchbook with paper that is 93 lbs or more so that you can paint in it with watercolor paint and the paper won't disintengrate. Choose whatever size you like and will use. This one has 60 pages and I think depending on how big you like to draw, you can use an entire page or divide it into smaller sections.

I know what you're thinking. "I've bought sketchbooks before and they never helped me find more time to draw and paint, and I am not going to listen to Barbara and go out and buy another one!" But just hold on a second, I am not done explaining my new motivational idea yet. 

Take your new sketchbook or grab an old one, open it.  On the blank page write with the first pencil you can find,

The  Drawing and Painting DayBook 2015

Here is your first assignment, tape, staple or glue it in your sketchbook, that way the dog won't eat it.

Here is an example of finding and drawing basic shapes.  I looked at a china salt shaker that was sitting on my kitchen table and drew a box first about the size of the salt shaker.  Then I went about finding and drawing the basic shapes in the china chicken.

I drew the biggest shapes first.

I drew circles on the outside of the chicken to get the curves.

Once you have refined your basic shapes and erased your excess lines, you can add a few details and you are done!  Your next assignment will be given next Monday, Jan. 19th followed by the 3rd assignment on Jan. 26. I suggest that you try to practice this drawing concept as often as you can find 18 minute periods of time during this coming week. The more you practice the better you will get at seeing and drawing. Plus you will get comfortable with this foundation drawing skill. 

I would love to have your comments if you buy a sketchbook and practice my drawing concepts for the next 3 weeks.  Starting FEB. 2, each month I will be offering a month of guided drawing lesson assignment for $20. per month or 11 months of drawing and painting lessons for $150. Every week you are entitled to email your drawings to me for help, advice and complements. By the end of 2015, if you follow my assignments weekly, I will have you drawing and painting like the cat's pajamas.