Painting Revealed Here

I completed this painting last night.  The subject is dear to my heart and one I feel strongly about. 

Beagles are used to test a wide range of products from cosmetics to cigarettes. They are used because of their docile, sweet demeanors and I have heard because their DNA is similiar to that of humans.  

I am sending this painting to the Beagle Freedom Project in Los Angeles. The painting will be auctioned off at their fund raiser this weekend to raise more money to convince labs who use beagles for research to release the beagles for adoption after they have finished their research. 


I adopted a beagle after she was released from a lab five years ago. It has been a joyful journey to watch her change from a meek, timid animal, who couldn't walk on a leash without flipping herself over every minute, to a lively dog full of vigor who loves everyone and enjoys a full life. 


Check out the Beagle Freedom's website,