Welcome to My New Blog

                                               Michelangelo's Moses, Rome, Italy   Photo by Eileen Condon

                                               Michelangelo's Moses, Rome, Italy   Photo by Eileen Condon

Now, I sort of understand how Michelangelo felt when he finished carving his epic marble statue of Moses. His first thought upon putting down his chisel was probably very similar to mine, "Boy, that was a heck of a lot more work then I thought it was going to be."  Of course he said it in Italian.  Then he probably turned to his apprentice and said, "Let's go get some gelato to celebrate finishing up Moses." Of course, he said that in Italian also. 

With this new website and blog it will be so easy for me to update my class page, add new paintings and remove old ones. It should also be much easier for you to leave me a comment on my posts. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on the artwork, ideas and ruminations I post on my blog.

To give you just a little bit of motivation to leave me comments on my posts, I am going to give one Anywhere Art tote bag (with some useful art supplies inside) per week to a person who has left a comment on my blog. I am going to put your name into a hat every time you leave a comment and have one of the beagles pull out the lucky winner each week. I have 4 goodie tote bags for you to win over the next 4 weeks starting right now!

Since the website is new, its going to be added to and embellished.  It would help me a lot if when you comment you told me what you would like to see on my website and what would be helpful posts for you to read on my blog.

Now I am off to get a gelato.