Father's Day Card

To all the fathers out there, I hope you get the adulation you deserve + beer, tee-shirts, burgers, burritos and more. 


Feel free to print out this card I painted a while ago and hand it out to any father you like. 

Finding the Right Minimalist Travel Packing Solution

I had a really super idea a few months ago about how all of us on my travel painting trips could travel with a minimalist wardrobe and still look good.  My premise was we all bring only one outfit in size, "one size fits all" and we all rotate our outfits daily, giving us at least a week's worth of different outfits if at least 7 women were on the trip. Rick would be exempt from the sharing outfit plan.  

Everyone I mentioned the shared outfit plan to seemed less then thrilled. Eileen commented, "one size fits no one".  

Not one to be deterred I ordered a one size fits all dress from a company that manufactures in China.  The dress arrived a few days ago. It had an interesting scent wafting from it, so I threw it in the washing machine.  The scent disappeared but the texture of the dress assumed something between linen and scratchy grasscloth wallpaper.  

Today I tried on my travel dress. See the results below.  Let me know your thoughts, I promise you won't hurt my feelings. As I like to say, "back to the drawing board". 


Coffee with Tami

I had coffee with my friend, Tami Reid, this morning. She is an artist and teacher here in San Diego. Tami thinks up all kinds of art projects that you can do anywhere. She knows how to paint on wine glasses, wood, canvas, pottery and more. She has a business called Paint It On and she even has a cool polka dot vintage/retro trailer that she uses when she teaches!   

Also, she showed me her Anywhere Art Kit that she's been taking everywhere since she learned about anywhere art from me years ago at the Encinitas Library.


Draw Something Slightly Interesting 3 Day Challenge

Since the draw something boring challenge allowed me to relax and draw without fear, I am instituting another 3 Day Challenge today.  

For the next 2-3 days draw something that slightly interests you, but nothing that fascinates or majorly interests you. 

Got it? 1,2,3, Go. Send me your results and I'll post them here on the blog. 

Drew this in the dark last night sitting next to Ollie, the little rescue beagle who is convalescing with a slipped disc. 

Drew this in the dark last night sitting next to Ollie, the little rescue beagle who is convalescing with a slipped disc. 

Boring Drawing Challenge Day 3

Did I forget to invite you to join the Boring Drawing Challenge? It's not too demanding and it's over before you know it.  


Here is my final boring drawing. I call it "Paint Tubes on a Shop Towel". It's done with a non-perfect brush stroke on an unassuming journal page.  

Draw Something Boring Day 3

I am liking this concept of not finding something clever, exceptional or interesting to draw for 3 days in a row. Heres today's boring drawing. 


I painted over the drawing with 3 rather boring colors; naples yellow, ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. Here's the unremarkable result. 


Draw Something Boring Everyday

I don't have enough patience to participate in the the draw such and such everyday for 100 day contests I see online.  I know I won't complete 100 days without missing some days or quitting early. However, I might compete if the bar were lowered. I am thinking I might be able to draw something for 2, maybe 3 days in a row and it has to be something unique.

I am thinking a "Draw Something Or Some Place Boring For 3-4 Days" might be a fun challenge. What do you think? 


I Made You A Mothers Day Card

Hi Everyone, 

I finished my painting and decided to make it into a Mothers Day card for you. You can choose to use it as a greeting for yourself, (and I do wish you a very happy Mothers Day) or you can print it out and give it to someone.  


Surprise Watercolor Rose Bouquet Painting

My husband surprised me with these roses which were on the kitchen counter when I returned home on Saturday nite. He admitted he thought Mothers Day was Sunday the 7th but who cares? I love the bouquet and the thought behind it. 

My new goal is to paint as often as possible to improve my skills as well as create memories in my journals. You can compare my goal to that of a pianist who must practice in order to play a piece well. 



Watercolor Quebec Journal Page

It was cold outside. The fire was warm and toasty and filled the room with a glow. The room was empty, I had no choice but to sit down and paint. 


Quebec Continues

We are drawing and painting, really. We are also exploring this different parts of this city.  


Exploring Town Quebec City

Many of you know I love shoes. Today we spent a wonderful morning exploring Vieux Quebec with our guide, Marie-Pierre of Nomad tours. 

Maire-Pierre is on the left. We were able to explore on foot despite the light rain, however I was forced to buy a pair of rainboots.

Maire-Pierre is on the left.

We were able to explore on foot despite the light rain, however I was forced to buy a pair of rainboots.

Another Day With Chagall

I returned to the Chagall exhibit today to see more of his work, I thought you might like to see some too. 



Designs by Chagall for costumes for a theatrical production. 



I still find it hard to believe that you are allowed to photograph these works of art (without flash). 

Marc Chagall Exhibit in Montreal

I have always loved the paintings of Marc Chagall since my aunt gave me a book about his artwork when I was six.  How could I not like paintings with flying brides, floating chickens, fiddlers on roof tops and more? 

Today in Montreal we went to an exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts , called Chagall & Music. The exhibit is probably 10 rooms full of his paintings, drawings, sculptures, costumes he designed and painted and more.  

I had to stop my self from attracting the guards because I felt the need to be up too close to the paintings to see the lines Mr. Chagall drew with his pencil. 

Here is a little of the exhibit: 



Art Workshop Quebec In Transit

The computers are down at my boarding gate in Atlanta.  Someon suggested they board us from a paper list, its causing some confusion.  This is a very large airport so I couldn't stop at any shops enroute to my terminal. It wasn't too big a sacrifice because the only store in my terminal was a Spanx store and shopping there would be depressing.  



More trip highlights when I land in Montreal.  

When I am in airports I study people's baggage to see if I can pick up some tips to streamline my travel. So far I've decided I need a rather large Chanel tote to accommodate my baggalli purse and tuna fish sandwich. 

Free Sketchbook Winner Announced

Last Wednesday I offered a homemade sketchbook to the 10th commenter on my blog post. Thank you for submitting comments. I noticed many of your comments come to me via email. In order for your comments to show up below in the comment section you need to actually go to my website, click on  blog tab in the header and then scroll down to the bottom of the post that you want to comment on and click on the word comment. In theory this should bring up a place for you to type your comment and have it posted on the blog. I will sometimes, (Rick tells me always), reply to your comment on the blog. If I don't somehow respond, please know that I read every comment and appreciate them all and am so grateful to you for reading my blog. I try to post something of value to you in my posts except when I get carried away by a whimsical wind. 

Since we are talking about my blog posts, would you be willing to tell me what you find helpful in my blog posts and what types of posts you would be interested in me writing? Thanks a million in advance.

Dana Delman of Claremont won the sketchbook! It was crafted with found and salvaged materials by me and bound with my hand binder. It contains at least 4 types of paper. 

I am putting it in the snail mail to Dana tomorrow.