Lesson 21 - Starting to Learn About Color Mixing

I think it time to talk about getting the color you want in your paintings.  In the painting of the geraniums I painted the leaves lots of different versions of green to make the picture interesting and also to make some of the leaves stand out.  The easiest way I have found to create different greens is to start with sap green and mix in another color or two to get the exact color I want. If you don't have sap green in your paint box, pick out another green and try adding the colors I list here.  For the yellow green leaves, I added lemon yellow.  For the medium green leaves, I added cobalt blue.  For the dark blue green leaves I added thalo blue and for the grey green leaves I added cerulean blue.  Find the leaves in the painting, that catch your eye, are they yellow green? That was my intention. 

Assignment 21 - This week, either copy my drawing on your watercolor paper and then practice mixing and painting the leaves with different colors of green.  Or, find some other flowers with leaves in differing colors of green and practice painting them.  Try to paint different greens as often as possible this week, because this time of year green and flowers are everywhere.  Let me know if you have questions. Happy Painting!