Lesson 37 Rev Up Your Values

I hate to keep bringing up values, but they are so important to painting that I need to make sure you have learned and practiced them enough in your year of watercolor lessons with me (actually 10 1/2 months, I exaggerated). Please tell me that you will promise to squint at all your future paintings and count the values you see, OK? 

How many values can you count in my yurt value painting?  I see about 6 or 7.  Do any of the values connect to each other?  If they do, that is an extra benefit of values in a painting. 

Here is the color version I painted after I painted the value study in brown and blue, above.  Do you think the values are the same? The bush on the far right is too light and I must change it. Do you know why I have to change it? Because, having the light bush next to the darker cypress tree draws my eye there and directs the viewers eye out of the painting instead of moving within the painting.

Your Assignment is to either use my yurt drawing above or your own subject and paint a small value study with at least 6 values then create a color painting using your value study as a map.  You don't have to transfer  your value study exactly but please refer to it as you do your color painting. 

Lesson 38 Graduation Day and Finding Your Own  Watercolor Way

Its been wonderful to spend these 38 weeks of lessons with you. I hope that you learned some useful techniques and continue to draw and paint. You are graduating with honors from my online class, if you read the lessons this far or do some day. I am leaving up the lessons, for a while, so you have time to complete them if you want to.  I am giving you the magic pencil below for your graduation gift. If you draw with this pencil a few times a week, I know your artwork will improve. The lesson this week, is to trust your instincts when you paint. Try out different ideas and techniques and make mistakes and messes and let things happen.  Don't begin painting with an exact outcome in mind. Always remember, drawing and painting are a process to enjoy, that can be learned by practice and not giving up when your results are not perfect.  Have a happy painting future and stay in touch, xox, Barbara