Escondido Adult School

Improve your Watercolors By Practicing in a Sketchbook

 Thursday Mornings   New Session Begins in May

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This is a good class for any level of painter from the very beginner to the extremely experienced.  I teach and demonstrate all of the basic watercolor techniques you need to know to paint successfully but you  can choose the subject you want to paint and practice your technique. I do supply one image if you don't want to find your own image to paint in class. I circulate around the class and stop at your desk and seranade you with helpful advice, positive comments and am always happy to answer your questions.  

The focus of this class is to develop the habit of painting often in a sketchbook and try out lots of different ideas, techniques and materials. Since a sketchbook is less expensive then watercolor paper you will feel encouraged to try out a new idea, make mistakes and practice your skills without fear of wasting your money.   You will get inspired by your fellow students and learn motivational strategies to help you to paint with zest. 

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Sign up today at  the price is a great bargain, the students are lovely, the teacher is nice and sometimes there are cookies.  You'll leave after attending the class with the inspiration and motivation to paint succesful pictures. 


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Miracosta College

Watercolor and Words

5 Saturdays, February 2 - March 9th 1-4pm (no class on Feb. 16)

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Words can add impact and meaning to your watercolor paintings. In this 5 session workshop you will learn different techniques, concepts and methods of adding words to a painting including: using a word as a focal point, using words in any language in your backgrounds, using words to follow the images in your paintings and naturally, painted worlds. Plus you’ll learn how to hand letter, brush letter and a simple French script done with a fountain pen. Additional attention will be given to art supplies that work well for lettering including a variety of dip and fountain pens as well as markers and colored ink.

Painting Plants, Succulents and Simple Flowers with Watercolor

5 Saturdays, April 6-May 4 1 pm - 4 pm

Learn drawing and painting techniques to enable you to paint from the natural world. Learn how to: mix colors to mix to capture the right color to match the green you see in a plant, succulent and flower leaves, to paint individual flowers up close, to compose simple eye catching compositions, to push your brush around to create leaves, texture and stems, simplify what you see when you look at a garden + how to draw it and more.

To enroll by phone: Call MiraCosta College Community Education at 760.795.6820 


 Home Studio Art Classes


Email me if you are interested in arranging a class in my home studio.  If you have a group of friends who want a guided painting night or you need a private or semi private lesson, email me.



5 Reasons to Take a Painting and Drawing Class

  1. You’ll learn to appreciate the world around you more. Including seeing more color, more texture and more interesting things in the world around you.

  2. You’ll will destress when you paint.

  3. You will have a wonderful way to document your moment in time.

  4. You will learn to be more creative and think out of the box.

  5. You’ll have a hobby you can enjoy all your life.