Artists and Craftsman Supply, Hillcrest, San Diego

Saturday, March 24th  10:30-1:30  


Would you like to be able to sketch with watercolors where ever you find yourself?  Would you like to squeeze some painting and drawing into your busy schedule? Would you like to observe what you see around you more carefully?  Would you like a low stress way to record your observations in a portable journal or sketchbook? 

unicorn and fence.jpg

The FUN da mental skills of water sketching that you will learn in Watercolor Sketching Anywhere Anytime, will teach you how to do all of the above.

In order to watercolor sketch anywhere, anytime, you need  to learn;  5 essential drawing techniques, 5 essential watercolor painting techniques, what art supplies to use and how to set up and narrow down what to paint. You will see all the essential techniques demonstrated in class and have time to practice with your instructor standing by to help you.  You’ll also learn and put together a very small portable art studio made with as many recyclable materials as possible.

Some of the subjects you will learn how to watercolor sketch in class include table top scenes including meals, doors, windows, farmhouses, villas,cottages, sheds including yurts, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens plus cows, sunsets and sunrises in the mountains and at the beach and a unicorn.

This class is for any level of painter/sketcher from the absolute beginner to advanced. If you have taken a workshop in Anywhere, Anytime Sketching before, this class will include new ideas, new subjects as well as assembling your anywhere art kit in class.  You will leave class with a portable art studio, drawing and painting techniques and motivation plus confidence to be able to watercolor sketch where ever you find yourself.

 $25.00 Class Fee                    Email to register


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                                              San Clemente Art Supply Class              

No Stress Watercolor Painting

  Sat.& Sun. June 23 and 24


Learn or brush up your watercolor techniques + get lots of tips, secrets and tricks to paint with watercolor with lots of success and no stress. You will see step by step demonstrations and learn how and when to use each technique + bring home a workbook of all the techniques so you can refer to it when you are painting at home.  You will leave class with the skill to paint a variety of subject matter + the confidence that you can paint with watercolor happily.


Escondido Adult School Watercolor Painting Class

 Thursday Mornings   April 5-May 3 (5 sesssions for $50) and June 7-28 (4 sessions for $40)

I call this class "Watercolor Right From the Start" but it is a good class for any level of painter from the very beginner to the extremely experienced.          I teach and demonstrate all of the basic watercolor techniques you need to know to paint successfully but you  can choose the subject you want to paint and practice your technique on. I do supply one image if you don't want to find your own image to paint in class. I circulate around the class and stop at your desk and seranade you with helpful advice, positive comments and am always happy to answer your questions.  

hotel st pierre interior

During the next two class sessions we will continue to study color, relationships, mixing samples to save for reference in our "color notebooks" (you'll learn how to put yours together in the first class if you don't already have one). We will paint lots of small  paintings so you can get plenty of  painting practice to improve your skills to enable you to paint a variety of subject matter.  You will get inspired by your fellow students and learn motivational strategies to help you to paint with organization and zest. 

Sign up today at  the price is a great bargain, the students are lovely, the teacher is nice and sometimes there are cookies.  You'll leave after attending the class with the inspiration and motivation to paint succesful pictures. 





 Home Studio Art Classes

Brush Up Your Watercolors Class

chicken on bike seat.jpg

Learn all the fun da mentals of drawing in to get you in shape for urban sketching, watercolor painting, art journaling, travel painting and more!  Then learn all the watercolor painting techniques you need to paint your world in technicolor.

Email me if you are interested in attending a Friday class