Italian Vacation in Your Plans?

I’ve been all over the map lately planning the itinerary for the Fall Anywhere Art Tour to Italy. It will be our 31st tour! 


We will be visiting a variety of locations around North Western, Central and Southern Tuscany with a touch of the Lazio province thrown in because we must visit the UNESCO World heritage site of Tarquinia and learn more about the Etruscans, their customs, and their fabulous murals. We’ll also taste wine in the Chianti region, visit the Festival of the Thrush (which promises dancing in the streets), dip our toes in a thermal spa, ride bikes or stroll in the wall park in Lucca, visit a shoe factory, see the Cinque Terre and spend a Sunday at an Antiques Faire in the heart of Lucca.



In fact, I am so excited about the Fall Italian adventure that I got the vapors and our rescue Aussie had to revive me.



How to Choose Your Sketchbook

I wasn't looking for a new portable sketchbook when I found the one pictured in the photo below at San Clemente Art Supply Store.   I have been content using Moleskine watercolor sketchbooks that I carry with me to sketch anywhere. 

What made me stray from the Moleskine and buy this new sketchbook? I liked the sketchbooks size, it's light weight cover, its paper quality (strong enough for watercolor painting), and it's stitched binding so you can paint across the pages.

Ollie and my new favorite sketchbook

Ollie and my new favorite sketchbook